Not all threats to your IT infrastructure come from outside your organization, resulting in a common need for professional IT security solutions. SRIC reviews your entire network to identify system vulnerabilities from both inside and outside your organization; before developing security solutions specific to your needs and assisting you to manage policies to protect you.


An often overlooked security solution protocol is simply keeping your IT system up to date. Everyday hackers and other common threats are looking for IT network security holes. They feed on outdated computers and servers by leveraging vulnerabilities, many of which have been addressed in existing patches.


To find out how we can help your organization, please contact us for a review of your IT system and a comprehensive (No Obligation) proposal of services. Email us at


Help Desk Services


We provide computer support through our help desk services , for quick troubleshooting of your issues. Our help desk employs remote technologies that allow us to address issues in real time. Our company offers help desk services for all computer related issues, including desktops, laptops, peripherals (such as printers), servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls and more. We offer assistance with software issues, including interfacing with vendors to resolve issues.


We believe that IT monitoring and preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid possible issues. We monitor our clients’ networks to protect against threats and eliminate problems before they happen. We immediately identify potential system vulnerabilities and work to strengthen your company’s IT infrastructure. Preventative maintenance is an important strategy to keep your systems operating at maximum efficiency; for a greater return on your investment and better use of the company’s resources.


Information technology in the global marketplace has resulted in businesses implementing increasingly complex business processes, software, and applications. Maintenance, monitoring, and computer support services from SRIC can help you address issues regarding the inefficiency of your current systems.  This will assist your organization in optimizing the use of available resources. Please give us a call to learn more about our computer support company and how our help desk services can help you.


Back-Up Solutions


Network data loss is one of the greatest impacts to small and medium-sized businesses today. SRIC works with the client to establish an IT backup solution and routine to protect against data failures. SRIC can assist the client with setting up a tape, hard drive, or online backup solution that fits their needs.


Backups of vital company information is crucial to the survival of a business. The size of the company does not matter and having an IT backup solution in place is very important. Recent studies show that 93% of companies that lost data due to a disaster go out of business within two years.




Get IT Managed Services in Houston, Tx and the surrounding area from SRIC Corporation.


  • Fixed Monthly Costs – No Hidden Surprises or unexpected bills
  • Improved Performance
  • Elimination of “Slow Time”
  • Minimizing “Down Time”
  • Peace of Mind with Monitored Local Backups
  • Proactive Monitoring of server hardware so that we can proactively fix the problem before it becomes an issue that could cause down time, slow time or loss of data
  • Advanced Malware and Virus Protection
  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Cleaning of all computers and servers – Resulting in better performance and less downtime
  • Business Class Workstations, Laptops and Servers


SRIC System Support Agreements

Realizing that in today’s technological world IT systems have become an essential business tool, SRIC provides a form of complete care.


The SRIC System Agreement provides ongoing IT support, maintenance, and the full optimization of equipment to keep your organization operating efficiently. Across all industries, IT infrastructures are utilized to increase productivity, manage workflow, communicate both internally and with clients, and replace a host of other normal business systems.







Life throws us curve balls and your company must be able to provide consistent dependable service to your clients at all times.


Is your system resilient enough to withstand failures and outages without disrupting your daily production or compromising services to your clients?  Does your staff know how to keep your business operating during these events?  Is there an easy way to resume operations without losing data once services are restored?


Knowing that your business is covered during these outages will bring peace of mind.  You can avoid chaos, stress, lost revenue, and frustrated clients if you prepare for these events when everything is running normally. SRIC will help you plan for these events, so your business can survive the unexpected.




There are lots of new and exciting technologies available these day but are which ones are right for your business? What benefits will they add to your daily operations, productivity, and client experience? How much will they cost? Will they all work as you envisioned when you purchase them?


Determining the right technology for your business can be confusing and time consuming, making it an overwhelming  task. Typically, there are many details, if not accounted for, can be the difference between a successful implementation exceeding your expectations or a frustrating and costly disappointment. We can design, implement and manage an optimized, efficient solution for your business according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry standard best practices.  Assuring that it is working the way you expect it to is our job.


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