I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for SRIC for your dedicated service to JAMSS America for the past 20 years.  The last 11 years I have worked at JAI and worked closely with you.  Your work has been exemplary.  The characteristics of SRIC that have been most noticeable to me are:


· Dependability:  We have always been able to count on SRIC to handle any situation that has arisen.  From upgrading our server, installing a new tape backup system, troubleshooting and routine maintenance of the individual PCs and server, we have been able to depend on SRIC.


· Trust:  SRIC has had access to all of our IT infrastructure and data.  I have never worried about your integrity and have had complete trust confidential information will be handled appropriately.


· Timely Support:  At all times you have quickly responded to needs that have arisen.  Even though SRIC is an outside vendor, I have always felt as if you are a part of our team.  You have been available to respond to urgent matters, as well as keeping on top of routine matters (such as software updates and license renewals).


· Personality:  In addition to your professionalism and technical capabilities, not only me, but all JAI employees, have enjoyed interfacing with you.  I appreciate your patience with those of us who are not tech savy and for taking time to explain issues in terms that a lay person can understand.


· Value:  The value of your service is high and the cost reasonable – much less than the cost of maintaining inhouse capabilities, while offering a wide range of services.  The modest monthly fee for standard services has really helped me with budgeting.


I whole-heartedly recommend SRIC to other companies that need outside IT support services.


Rob Carlson

President JAMSS America, Inc.

December 2017



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